pretend we had a mermaid lingerie photoshoot

I get asked this question often on what the female client should wear to her boudoir photography. You can wear simple bras and panties and chemises, which will look elegant in black and white photos. For the extroverted, flirty type of photos, it’ll be more fun to plan out your lingerie wardrobe with the season. Give your photos a theme. Maybe each time you have a photoshoot, you’ll come out with different photobooks with unique themes to each one. I’m inspired by the summer season’s sun and… mermaids. I picked out some outfits from that appeals to this colorful and flirtatious theme.

1. Type of Mermaid: Lavish her with bubblegum-colored pearls


2. Type of Mermaid: Adventurous one that plays in whirlpools



3. Type of Mermaid: Glows with beauty in the dark and late night functions




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