“All Eyes On Her,” Monte Said. – Exchange Fantasy for Self Emporwerment

A woman with an eye for what a man has an eye for…

Recently, a friend of mine I’ll call Monte, told me that, “men fear women the way that man fears God.” Do you agree?  Monte is happily heterosexual but his mentality is sexually liberal and he shares a male’s perspective with me that I simply can’t find anywhere else, so I’m sharing him with you.  He said a woman’s first weakness is ignorance of her first strength; her being the god of a man.  Yes, I know, Monte is pretty ‘out there’ but it makes so much sense, doesn’t it?  He asked me what’s the main phrase a man says when he orgasms? “Ohh God or OhhLord or something like that,” he says.  He said something like, ‘the vaginal canal is the original confession booth.’ He’s into Tantra and all sorts of cool sciences and he told me that the word Tuat is actually a corruption of Duat, a word meaning “The Underworld” in ancient Egypt.  Imagine that!  He said, ‘women carry the underworld in their underwear.’  I can talk about him all night but I’ll leave you with something he said that really hit home for reasons that’ll soon be obvious.

A few weeks ago, Monte said something to the effect of, ‘as they {women} learn exactly what about them is powerful they begin feeling empowered; but, since they do not know their power they don’t know what it is about themselves that needs to be fully accentuated, so they never really feel fully appreciated.’  Monte said the prettiest woman take the worst Selfies.  They think they’re eyes are pretty when it’s they’re mouths or vice versa that’s most attractive.  He feels that most people are lied to by those they tend to trust the most about what’s a good look for them, so the perspective most people develop about what makes them attractive inevitably has the opposite effect.  Monte said he likes my work because I have a unique way of glamorizing the most sensuous aspects of my subjects and then he said, “A woman with an eye for what a man has an eye for will always have a man with all eyes on her.”  ttys


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